Sunday, June 15, 2014


Minecraft is one of the most famous sandbox games ever made! There are universities, where students are making their projects by using Minecraft’s electrical chains. Even professional engineers can build something in this game and show their masterpiece to the whole wide world! You are able to activate four different game modes: Survival, Creative, Hardcore and Spectator as well. Moreover, you can have lots of recipes to make various things and for that you need to use crafting, smelting and brewing processes accordingly. You can watch and read various tutorial about the gaming process, building and construction, navigation, shelters, biomes, etc. The game has to storyline, but you can still earn achievements such as Taking Inventory, Getting Wood, Benchmarking, Time to Farm, Bake Bread, Repopulation and many others. PvP, formally Player versus Player is a fun and nerve-racking yet considerably dangerous aspect of Minecraft which is only on Multiplayer as you need another player to fight against. PvP is combat against other players, whether for diamonds or fun! Working together with others or fighting solo, this is the second hardest nut to crack too many players. Don’t forget about the map – this tool is very helpful! While held in the player's hand, a map will gradually draw itself as the player explores the world. When the item is later selected, the player can see the area explored so far. Each map is 128x128 total pixels. Depending on the scale of the map, a single pixel can represent many scales of areas, starting with an initial ratio of 1 pixel:1 block. Increasing the scale of the map can be achieved by crafting a wider map by surrounding an existing map with Paper on a Crafting Table. Minecraft offers much other good stuff, but you need to try it out in order to understand the gaming process. Fortunately, this is an unblocked version of Minecraft and you can play without any further problems or restrictions. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to play with your friends and build something together!